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Night Sky

Pushkar's Publications

Check out the books written by Pushkar Mankar, your co-host!

This is his first publication - so click on it to buy and show your support.

Lightspeed. Rock music. Exploration.


Life is good for Celestian Pilot 28, traversing through the cosmos in his ship The Pilgrim, until he comes across the Forbidden Planet, a place that makes him start questioning the things around him. Accompanied by a diverse group of strays, now he must grapple with his values and beliefs as he gets drawn further and further into a mystery of cosmic proportions, all while kicking it to the music of the ancients.

Forbidden Planet is a space opera in perhaps the most literal meaning of the term, taking the western sci-fi trope of eastern exoticism and flipping it on its head; teeming with elements of fantasy, adventure, retrofuturism, and a love of the unknown and the zany.

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