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Are we creative?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

"Belief that every one of us is creative and putting that belief to work"

I think every living being is inherently creative. Humans, animals or plants have always sought creative solutions to the evolutionary problems posed by nature and are now standing triumphant because of it.

Seeking out creative ways and solutions to problems has inherently developed in us. We have been nurturing it throughout our lives from the way we learn to walk to developing hobbies to enrich our lives even if it's too engulfed with mundane tasks.

Problems automatically seek out solutions that promote creativity. In times of crisis, something similar which has engulfed the world for the past couple of years has motivated us to seek out creative ways to deal with the situation and make our lives better. From developing ways to continue progressing and working even when humans are unable to meet each other to search for vaccines and cures.

Nature is such a great motivator in that sense. Nanotechnology is majorly derived from the creative wonders of nature. From observing geckos on how they walk on ceilings effortlessly to understanding regeneration while observing lizard tails.

The most creative animal example that we have all heard from childhood is a beaver on how they develop natural dams.

When living amidst such creativity, we are bound to be inspired.

To close out this section, I would like to divert a bit and also mention an important component of human behaviour that helps us understand people, know their problems and help them to the best of our ability. It's a common tool of "Empathy" that all of us of heard of and should not be ignored especially when we are such social creatures.

Understanding others helps us understand and relate to problems better, thus providing more curated solutions.

Check out this amazing video to understand "Empathy"

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