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How well can we perceive?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

I was always fascinated by how solutions, suggestions or actions can be so different depending upon the mood of the person, their perceptions or biases.

Imagine critical tasks of doctors even mental health professionals. Their advice can be so easily influenced by their perception of their patient or the inherent biases they carry.

Can somebody be trained to ignore perceptions/biases when dealing with such critical scenarios and act purely based on logic?

Is it even right to ignore perceptions or biases, maybe they are there for a reason to help us arrive at a sensible solution?

It's fascinating to learn about the biases that affect us in daily lives and we seem mostly oblivious to them!

We all favour ideas that confirm our existing beliefs and what we think we know. Likewise, when we conduct research, we all suffer from trying to find sources that justify what we believe about the subject. Just a common example of confirmation bias that impacts us.

I would recommend people to read about the common biases so that they can be actively aware of them and try to avoid that.

A small exercise that kept me involved this weekend was trying to fill this Johari window. It is an amazing yet simple tool to understand how we perceive ourselves and how people perceive us.

It sparks interesting conversations with people around us and helps us understand ourselves better and introspect on those aspects.

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