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Man's Search for Meaning

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

There is a book by the same name as the title by Victor Frankl, a must-read for everyone. It teaches the importance of "Why of things"

The discussion on passion, goal and IKIGAI was one of my personal favourites. It's because I had introspected about this a lot with not much success. Hopeful, that the session will bring more clarity of thought in this regard.

What is my goal?

Why do I do the things that I do? What motivates me?

Well, unfortunately, and spoiler alert, I didn't have the answer to these questions back then nor do I have it now.

For people, wondering what IKIGAI is - It is a Japanese term for "reason for living".

It's an amazing amalgamation of concepts that one should read and then think about.

There is a personal struggle in trying to find that "reason for living", the reason that motivates me to get up from bed daily. But this has never stopped me from getting up from bed and continuing with my chores or work.

It's a very altruistic feeling when someone is able to achieve that and I aspire to achieve that as well but after my coaching session where we spent a decent amount of time to understand what exactly is passion and its impact, I am not in a hurry to achieve that.

Initially, my impression was that if I don't have my Ikigai, it means something is wrong. It's not the correct way to live life!

But apparently, having no answer is better than having a wrong answer.

I hope time is in my favour and with varied and additional experiences awaiting, better clarity and information would surely help me arrive at IKIGAI.

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