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What is my strength?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Understanding strengths and capitalizing on them is an important skill.

In my social circle and environment, there has always been a keen focus on one's weakness and then improving upon it. This is highly useful but this also takes away the confidence in one's strength and ways to leverage that.

All my feedbacks that either I gave or received, was majorly focused on areas of improvement and plans to work on them. Reiterating the fact that knowing areas of improvement is highly critical but ignoring one's strengths at its expense is not right.

It's a very important lesson that I took away from the most recent discussion. If one is made aware of their strengths, they can enhance their work efficiently and deliver with confidence. One can also use strengths to help improve one's weaknesses.

Therefore, it is highly critical to know what you are good at. We are the best and harshest judges of ourselves hence getting opinions from people around you focusing on knowing your strengths, gives you enough anecdotes to introspect about and understand oneself better.

A similar exercise shared by Viji was something I really enjoyed doing and made me focus on highlighting my strengths more often and know about instances that are intuitive for me but very memorable for the other person. It instils confidence and helps you flesh out the strengths better.

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