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What to choose?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

"Whatever a manager does, he does through making decisions," says P. F. Drucker.

All issues of planning, organizing, direction, coordination, and control are resolved by the management through decisions that are carried out by the enterprise's operators. To regulate the performance of the firm, objectives, goals, strategies, policies, and organizational designs must all be decided.

Decisions underpin the entire management process. Decisions are required for both addressing problems and maximizing the benefits of given possibilities. Correct judgments reduce the complexity and uncertainty in difficult situations.

One feeling that we are told to avoid is "regrets" as we keep on pondering over past decisions and possible hypothetical outcomes rather than moving ahead.

We are advised to detach ourselves from previous successes and failures when taking a decision.

Only think logically! What is best for that moment and base your decision logically.

But I personally am not very convinced by this argument since our past experiences shape who we are. We learn from all our experiences and that has a heavy influence on what we do.

Hence why should one completely detach themselves and take logical decisions? Though we can make an argument that past experiences should only be taken as learnings and not be delved or regretted upon so that it does not drain us mentally.

"Before making a decision, take a moment and ask yourself this question: Will it bring me happiness?"

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