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Why do we behave the way we do?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

The first session of IDIO (Individual Dynamics in Organizations) started with a video about the 26/11 attacks in Taj, Mumbai.

It showed how employees of the hotel did not leave their guests at peril and risked their lives amidst a terrorist attack, rose to the occasion and tried their best to keep the guests safe without worrying about their lives or family.

One question that was thrown and made me really ponder - "Why did those people behave the way they did?"

My immediate mental response was, who would be so cruel and inhuman to flee at the first instance of danger and not think about the people they are accountable for.

But that naivety was immediately crushed since the world does not operate on ideal principles. We are evolutionarily trained for our survival, caring for our family and making sure our heritage progresses through our kids.

Whereas, the staff at Taj defied the base instincts and stood by their responsibilities, took more than they were expected off and managed to save the guests to the best of their ability.

Is people behaviour a function of what the organization instils in you through their vision, mission or culture or do organizations find people with specific personality traits that best fit their culture?

The discussion during "Who we are, influences what we do?" - made me remember the whole Nature vs Nurture debate. Does all our behaviour a genetic component defined by "nature" by some arbitrary means or does "nurture" play an impact in developing and changing ones' behaviours and personality.

I personally lean towards "Nurture" majorly through personal experiences, where I have seen how my personality and attitude has changed over the course of the last 2 decades and change.

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